Luận văn tốt nghiệp VNP Khóa 8

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Nguyen Phuong Chi

Impact of income level of households on the nutrient intakes of households in Vietnam in 1997 - 1998

Ha Van Dung

Impact of Export Growth in Asian Developing countries in the Period of 1987 – 2001, and the case of Vietnam

Luong Vinh Quoc Duy

The Impact of the participation in the dairy development project of Dutch lady Vietnam on income per capita in farm household in the project area

Ta Thi Hong Hanh

Determinants of contraceptive use in Ho Chi Minh city in 2003

Nguyen Luong Hong Hanh

Determinants of Fertility in Ho Chi Minh city in 2003
6 Doan Thi Thu Huong Determinants of child Health Care Expenditure in Dak-lak Province

Le Ho Phong Linh

Determinants of non-resident tertiary students performance in Ho Chi Minh city

Pham Dinh Long

Determinants of savings in Asian developing countries in the period 1990 – 2001, the case of Vietnam

Nguyen Van Ngan

Determinants of farm households access to credit in rural Vietnam: The case of Chau Thanh district, Can Tho Province in 2003

Le Tan Nghiem

Effect of average household non-paddy income share on per capita income: the case of Chau Thanh district, Can Tho Province

Pham Thi Bich Ngoc

Effect of Exchange rate on coffee Export Price in Dak-lak province

Le Nu Minh Phuong

Effect of quality assurance BDS on SME’s Export of plastic industry in HCMC

Pham Van Quynh

An Investigation of the Trade Credit Demand of Micro-enterprise in HCMC: The Case of Small Coffee Bars and Photocopy Services

Luong Thi Chung Thuy

Determinants of time allocation of women, the case of Ho Chi Minh City

Tran Quang Van

The Effect of household composition on its budget share of food in Vietnam

Pham Tan Viet

Impact of household income on enrollments in Binh Duong’s secondary education