Luận văn tốt nghiệp VNP khóa 5

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STT Họ và tên Đề tài
1 Le Van Chon Determinants of enrollments in Vietnam's lower and upper secondary education
2 Nguyen Hoang Dung Transfer pricing by multinational corporations in Vietnam: Motives, Regulations, and Practices
3 Nguyen Giang Nam Modeling the Demand for M2 function in Vietnam
4 Nguyen Duc Nhuan The contribution of income sources to income inequality in Vietnam - a Decomposable Gini Analysis
5 Tran Thien Truc Phuong The contribution of TFP to Vietnam's economic growth
6 Nguyen Thanh Phu Determinants of interest rate of informal rural credit
7 Dang Van Thanh The impact of equitization on performance of enterprises in Vietnam - a case study
8 Huynh Minh Tiet The determinants of foreign direct investment flows in developing countries and implications for Vietnam
9 Le Quang Tri The equitization process in Vietnam, 1992-1999: Obstacles and Solutions
10 Le Quang Thanh Truc Determinants of rural-urban migration and the case of Vietnam
11 Tran Hoang Anh  Determinants of income of household income in rural Vietnam
12 Nguyen Viet Huong

Determinant of total factor productivity of some East Asian nam

13 Pham Dinh Hung

Contribution to reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by energy efficiency in lighting

14 Le Ngoc Han

The determinants of malnutrition of ethnic minority communities in  Bu Dang district

15 Nguyen Quoc Huy

Schooling and earning in a transition economy: the case of Vietnam

16 Nguyen Tuan Khang

Private small and medium-sized enterprises and their role in reducing unemployment in Vietnam - a case study in HCMC andits implications

17 Nguyen Thanh Nhon  Paddy production and economic growth in An Giang province
18 Nguyen Phan Quang Financial reform in China and lessons for Vietnam
19 Doan Nguyen Ng.Quynh Regional human development in Vietnam 1993 and 1998
20 Le Minh Son

Private industrial small and medium enterprises' access to credit in 1990s: an analysis of private industrial SMEs in HCM City

21 Nguyen Viet Thinh

Factors contributing to the possibilities of bankruptcy of private SMEs in HCMC

22 Dang Van Thanh The impact of equitization on performance of enterprises in Vietnam - a case study
23 Nguyen Minh Thuat Determinants of rural household saving in Vietnam
24 Nguyen Thuy Trang Comparative performance of state enterprises and non-state enterprises of the textiles and garment industry in HCMC
25 Tran Anh Tuan Unbalanced growth in Vietnam: an input - output analysis