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Job: 4 Research assistants - 1 internship program

Real-Time Analytics ( is looking for up to 4 Research Assistants who will help its rtSolutions Team: (i) design electronic questionnaires (or forms) running on tablets to administer large-scale surveys; and (ii) design real-time reports to visualize the data collected. The candidates who are successful in getting the job will be offered a long-term career path in research as follows:

  • Period 1 (two months): Receive training on how to design electronic forms from pre-designed questionnaires; help RTA team design forms for its projects.
  • Period 2: Receive training on how to use RTA’s comprehensive systems.
  • Period 3: Receive training on how to use R and Stata o conduct analytical works.
  • Period 4: Develop to become a researcher.

Besides, RTA also offers an Internship Program for fresh graduates or third-year and senior year students majoring in Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, Analytics, Information Technology, Computer Sciences… Our lab is working on exciting new developments, and will offer a solid education to interns of all levels, so please apply regardless of your year and experience level.

If you are interested in this job, please send your CV to Or contact our HR Department – 08.6684.6530


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