How to reduce mangrove forest extraction in the Mekong river delta of vietnam? A common pool resource experiment

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By: Vu Quang Vinh - VNP 20

Supervisor: Dr. Truong Dang Thuy

Using data from series of experiment in six selected provinces in Southwestern Vietnam in March and April 2015, this thesis aims to analyze the impact of mangrove forest policies and programs on people behavior towards exploring mangrove forest. Common pool resource experiment is applied to examine the behavior of people in making decision. To control for heterogeneity of individuals, I utilize the past behavior proposed by Frey and Meier (2004). There is robust evidence that people will quickly change their behavior if their profitability is varied, however, the local authorities must control the unexpected influence in using financial reward. In addition, it suggested that government should combine many measures to get more successful in inducing people to protect mangrove forest.

Keywords: Mangrove forest, Common pool resource, Game theory, Experiment