Banking industry volatility and economic growth

In bài này

By: Tran Quoc Thanh - VNP 20

Supervisor: Dr. Vo Xuan Vinh

There is growing evidence from multi- studies indicating that there are lots of determinants advocate to economic growth. However, very few research papers contribute to banking sector, vital field of modern economy. It is unclear whether it is appropriate to assume an identical turning point in the banking industry volatility and growth relation divided into across income criteria and geographical region criteria. In this research, we keep investigating the relationship between banking volatility and economic growth in detail ways after examining carefully the studies of Moshirian & Wu, (2012); Lin & Huang, (2012). Using GMM techniques for dynamic panel data to analyze one main group and five subsamples: all 22 economies, 11 upper middle income economies, 11 low income and lower middle income economies, 8 Sub-Saharan Africa economies, 6 South Asia and East Asia economies, 5 Latin America economies, by using dynamic panel techniques to analyze panel data.

Particularly, we pay more attention on the way country characteristics, such as the effect of low and high inflation, Worldwide Governance Indicators (WGI) from the updated database of Kaufmann (2013) and financial development characteristics influence the relationship between bank volatility and economic growth. The quarterly panel dataset, which is available and easy approach from international Datastream.

The simple correlation between GDP growth rates and banking volatility is slightly higher in geographic region groups. There is relationship of banking industry volatility and economic growth in all 22 economies, and in five subsamples divided into income criteria and geographical region criteria, even in the presence of market excess returns, and the relationship between banking volatility and economic growth is affected by the country characteristics and financial development when the interaction terms have statistical significant. Except for Voice and Accountability having no effect. Some research papers of Fama (1981, 1990) and Schwert (1990) have proved that the effect of the uncertainty of banking industry on economic growth is uncorrelated with the effect of the market stock return in general on economic growth. Hence, our results is more one evidence for the relationship between the stock returns of bank and economic growth.

Keywords: Banking volatility, Difference GMM, System GMM, Country characteristics, Financial development characteristics, Effect of inflation