Valuation of recreational service by the mangrove ecosystem in Thanh Phu natural reserve

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By: Nguyen Thi Dieu Thuy - VNP 19

Supervisor: Dr. Pham Khanh Nam

This study is part of a research project conducted to estimate environmental service value of the mangroves in Thanh Phu ward, Ben Tre province, South Vietnam to inform policy makers in applying the Payment for Forest Environmental Services program. The study set out to measure recreational value of the forest through ecotourism activities using Contingent Valuation Method with double bounded dichotomous choice model. The result shows that willingness to pay is affected by income and whether respondent thinks that environmental issues in Vietnam are properly addressed. Mean WTP calculated using parametric and nonparametric method is US $15.62 and US $12.61 respectively, which yields aggregate WTP at US $2,656,204 with a lower bound of US $2,146,273.

Keywords: Mangrove, Ecosystem service valuation, Contingent Valuation Method, Double-bounded dichotomous choice model