The happiness of Vietnamese: micro-analysis of happiness determinants in the case of Binh Dinh Province

In bài này

By: Ho Dai Nghia - VNP 17

Supervisor: Dr. Tran Anh Tuan

Although economic growth is higher in many countries, these nations still have no increase or even suffering a depression in average national happiness. This study has carefully examined the determinants of happiness or subject wellbeing from literature. These determinants are divided into three main categories: economic determinants, personal and demographic determinants and, finally, social determinants. In addition to, some recent evidence reveal that happiness also has the adverse significant effect on these factors and economic growth only has restricted effects on happiness level of particular nations. In specific case, based on 300 observations and ONS approach, this research paper desires to estimate the magnitude of determinants of happiness in Binh Dinh province at individual level. The results reveal that the mental, physical health, local facilities satisfaction and household income have strong effects on individual’s happiness level with high statistical significance. Furthermore, the size of coefficients other several variables, including being a female, having partner, high qualification, owned-house status, being employed or living in city is small and ambiguous. It means that they have weak relationships with the happiness level. Specifically, two variables of age and be employed, have opposed sign as literature.

Keywords: Subject well-being, Happiness, Economic Growth, Life Satisfaction, Determinants, Binh Dinh Province