The impact of corporate social responsibility on firm performance: the case of Vietnamese companies

In bài này

(A thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of MASTER OF ARTS IN DEVELOPMENT ECONOMICS, VIETNAM – THE NETHERLANDS PROGRAMME FOR M.A IN DEVELOPMENT ECONOMICS)

By Tran Phuoc Loc (VNP 21)

Academic Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Nguyễn Trọng Hoài


This study attempts to examine the impacts of CSR on firm’s financial performance of 6435 Vietnamese firms extracted from the combination of the Vietnam Technology and Competitiveness Survey (TCS) and the Vietnam Enterprise Survey (VES) from 2010 to 2012. By applying the panel data and Fixed Effects Model, the empirical results suggest that CSR may have positive relationships with firm performance. In addition, the study also reveals the situation of CSR in Vietnam: although a large number of Vietnamese firms are already aware of CSR, most of firms only participate in Labor CSR, which is mandatory by laws while Community-related CSR is generally ignored. Based on the findings, the thesis may propose several policy recommendations to improve the CSR practice in Vietnam.

Keywords: Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR, performance, firm performance.

Abbreviations: GSO - General Statistics Office of Vietnam; OLS - Ordinary Least Square; FEM - Fixed effects model; R&D - Research and Development; REM - Random effects model; ROA - Return on assets; ROE - Return on equity; SMEs - Small and Medium Enterprises; SOEs - State-owned enterprises; TCS - Vietnam Technology and Competitiveness Survey; VCCI - Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry; VES - Vietnam Enterprise Survey.

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Full version is available at Library of Vietnam- Netherland Progamme: 1A Hoang Dieu, Phu Nhuan Dist, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.