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Ha Dung

Street Children in Ho Chi Minh City

Pham Le Ngoc Dan

The Determinants of Food Poverty in Tra Vinh Province

Le Nhat Hanh

An Analysis of Access to Formal Credit by Household Farms: the Case of Vietnam

Dang Van Hau

Modeling Motorcycle Ownership in Vietnam

Dang Le Hoa

The Impact of Population Pressure on Deforestation in Vietnam
6  Pham Le Hoa How Household Characteristics Affect Time Use of Street Children in Can Tho City

Dinh Quoc Hung

Impact of Computer Use on Labor Productivity of the Textile and Garment Industry in Ho Chi Minh City

Huynh Thi To Nga

Impact of Openness of ASEAN Developing Economics on FDI in 1989-2000

Do Thi Bich Ngoc

Job Turnover and Earning of Migrants: an Empirical Study in Ho Chi Minh City
10  Bui Thanh Nhon Farm size Productivity an Inverse Relationship in Vietnam

Huynh Kim Oanh

Access to Drinking Water in Rural Vietnam

Do Van Phat

Determinants of Farm and Sale in Rural Vietnam

Nguyen Thi Nam Phuong

The Impact of Developing Financial Intermediaries on Household Saving in Lam Dong Province

Nguyen Dinh Phuc

Impacts of Land Holding on Income Diversification in Ha Tay Province

Dinh Xuan Thap

Is There a Polity Effect of People's Education on Their Rural-Urban Migration in North Central Province to HCMC

Tran Duong Chien Thang

Wage Differentials and State and Non-state Employment Choice in Vietnam

Le Quoc Thanh

Demand Analysis of TV's Using VLSS Data

Nguyen Ngoc Ha Tran

Determinants of FDI Flows into HCMC (1998-2001)

Nguyen Bui Nu Trang

Water Quality Improvements: a Contingent Valuations Study of Tham Luong Canal
20 Nguyen Quang Trung The Determinants of Expansion of Micro Enterprises in HCMC: the Case of Motorcycle Maintenance and Wooden Furniture Making
21 Tong Minh Tuan Export Instability and Economic Growth in Asia Developing Countries and Vietnam
22 Le Thanh Vinh The Impacts of Tertiary Human Capital on the Growth of Private Industrial SMES
23 Vo Duc Hoang Vu Evaluating Can Gio Mangrove Forest Using Contingent Valuation Method
24 Mai Thi Hoang Yen The Determinants of Enrollment of Upper Secondary School in Lam Dong Province