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With the Master's degree from the VNP, you are equipped with sharp economic reasoning, analytical skills, English capability, and perseverance. You scan business operations, analyze financial institutions, and understand consumer's behaviors and that of an economy in the context of a changing world. The VNP offers a variety of subjects including economics, finance and policy under development lense as well as standard analytical tools.

Starting from 2018, VNP allows for the alternative to do thesis research, the Applied Research Thesis (ART), which helps you to address practical problems at your workplace. Through the ART, you will apply economic knowledge while seeking evidence-based solutions to problems at work. The ART will be a proper venue for those who want to learn the strategy to combine economics and analytical skills to support decision making in firms and organizations.

The introduction of ART provides VNP students a new option for doing thesis, besides the conventional ACT. With ART, VNP aims to make economics more active in Vietnam, and expects to help its graduates more competence in the job market.