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Step 1: Click here to REGISTER or SIGN IN

Step 2: Check your email to activate account.

Step 3: Fill the form. You can revise the information later.

Step 4: Submit APPLICATION FORM. Note that you can only apply ONCE. Please check carefully before submitting.

Step 5: Wait for a confirmation from VNP.

Step 6: Contact VNP for application fee and Registration Number

Step 7: Attend the Entrance Examination

Step 8: Sign in for the Results

Step 9: Qualified applicants sign in to print Application form and other related documents

Step 10: Submit these documents (duly notarized or certified by the authorities) to VNP

Any problem occurs please contact Mr. Quang Huy (IT):


First entrance examination: 14 July 2019

Second entrance examination: 13 October 2019

*** Total recruitment quota: 60 students

Application fee: 1.000.000 VNĐ (Free for applicants take VNP Review course 2019)


Hồ sơ đăng ký dự thi cao học kinh tế 2019